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Saturday, August 20, 2011

North to Terra Nova and on to Eastport

It was a day for driving north, a day for walking, and a day of changing skies.

I left St. John's under clear blue skies. picking up the Trans-Canada Highway for most of today's journey. I can't tell you how many times I was tempted to stop for some photo play. Somehow stopping on the side of a fast-moving highway doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do so I kept driving.

Within an hour blue skies gave way to gray in the form of rather dense ground fog. It was beautiful, leaving enough visibility for driving. I stopped for a quick coffee and quickly found that the temperature had dropped along with the fog. There was no need to pull on any additional layers since I still had a bit of driving ahead of me. Almost as suddenly as it appeared the fog disappeared. Soon after the sky emerged again I arrived at Terra Nova National Park. It was time to stretch and wander!

I did some sitting by the water, relaxing, watching reflections on the water. A trail named "Coastal" beckoned, time to walk. It was an out-and-back walk on a trail that hugged the coastline but that was very much in the woods. Green, red berries, blue berries, trees standing and fallen, patterns of sunshine. Beautiful!

Late afternoon, it was time to find my home for the next two nights. I turned off of the highway, heading out a peninsula leading the Eastport. My home for the next two nights is the Inn by the Sea. Marilyn welcomed me with a cup of tea, a freshly baked (and still hot!) muffin, and conversation. Before heading to the one restaurant in town for dinner I walked to and along the beach. And after dinner I headed to the end of the road, to the town of Salvage. I'll probably head back there again tomorrow to see if I can capture some of the boat houses and houses there in different light.

The weather forecast is iffy for tomorrow, with a 60% chance of afternoon showers and "Fog patches dissipating in the morning.". Hmm... foggy patches in the morning could make for interesting light.

I plan to head back into Terra Nova for some more hiking tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll wander the beaches here too.