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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chasing reflections

Morning arrived with gray skies and dry ground. The color was light gray with no variation, not the varied colors of gray that I'd hoped for - but dry was very good.

I headed back to Salvage to see it in a different light, finding still water showing reflections of the hills, the houses & boat houses, and the boats. I walked a bit, took some pictures, walked a bit more, took some more pictures, walked a bit... Well you can see the pattern, can't you?

Salvage is the furthest east you can go on the Eastport Peninsula. Finished with my first set of reflections, I headed to the west thinking that my next stop would be the start of a trail in Terra Nova. That wasn't the case - blue started to emerge from the gray, blue decorated with white clouds. At one point the thin ribbon of road was between two two pieces of water. The reflections of varied shades of green (from the hills and the trees) plus cloud shapes told me that I'd found my next stop. I turned back to a good parking spot and started walking, once again alternating spurts of walking with a bit of camera play.

I left the B&B at about quarter to nine this morning thinking that I'd be at the start of a hiking trail sometime between 10 and 10:30. That didn't happen - it was well after noon when I pulled into the visitor center and the start of the trail I decided to walk. The pattern of chasing reflections stopped for a bit as I followed a trail that wandered through a carpet of green accented with trees both standing and fallen.

I found the answer to a puzzle when I stopped in the visitor center this afternoon. I know the water here is salt water - but there are no ocean waves along the shore in the park. The water near the trails I walked both yesterday and today is in a fjord, with a narrow passageway into the main part of Newman Sound.

My last walk of the day was to Eastport Beach. I followed the boardwalk connecting the main section of beach to another section, one that included rocks and patches of seaweed in pools of water.

I shared dinner and conversation with another guest from my B&B, a nice change of pace.

Tomorrow will bring a drive and a ferry ride, destination Fogo Island.