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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to St. John's

I hope you don't mind if I jump in and write again. We didn't stop all day, and I think Denise is a little tired!

A chunk of time - about 4 hours - was spent driving from Bonavista back to St. John's. We didn't really stop along the way other than a side trip into one of the little towns along the way. Denise thought maybe we needed to wander a bit, but I convinced her that she would be happier getting back to St. John's and then wandering.

Denise could see Cape Spear on the map, but there wasn't enough detail to find the start of the road. I knew we needed a more detailed map! It wasn't a problem though - Denise stopped and asked someone, and then we were on our way! We followed a curving and very hilly road until the end. Did you know that Cape Spear is the farthest east point in North America? Like the lighthouse at Bonavista, there was an old (non-working) lighthouse restored to its 1839 appearance and a new tall skinny working lighthouse.

It's funny - the Parks Canada representative at the lighthouse remembered Denise from our walk up Signal Hill our fist day here. Denise had stopped to ask for the trail location, and the woman we asked remembered Denise's camera because she had a graduated ND filter on it. I guess that rectangular filter looks a little odd (or maybe a little interesting) to other people.

After touring the lighthouse we walked around the property for a bit. I'd say it was longer than a bit - we must have been there for a couple of hours! We even wandered through this funny tunnel thing, an underground passage that was part of a bunker gun battery from World War II. If you're curious, click here for for the information on the Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic Site.

I thought we'd get to the B&B early today but it was 5 o'clock before we walked into our home for the night, At Wit's Inn. Our room is on the third floor this time, tucked under the eaves. I liked the first room we had here, but I think I like this one even better!

After a stop for some food we walked up Signal Hill to watch the sunset. Denise chose to use the sidewalk this time because she wanted to get to the top faster than the trail would allow. On the way back down the sidewalk felt safer since the light was quickly fading.

It was another good day!

--- Rover