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Monday, August 22, 2011

Island destination

It was a traveling day and a wandering day. A drive, a ferry, a bit of walking...

The drive from Eastport to Farewell took about 2 1/2 hours, and then we had a bit of a wait. We arrived at 11 which would have us on the 11:15 ferry - but the ferry was running late. We left at 12:30, putting us on Fogo Island at 1:15. Funny though - there doesn't seem to be a town of Farewell, but that's where the ferry starts. The ferry terminal was there but no town. Hmm... The ferry stopped at Change Islands to let a few folks off and to pick up a few more cars. Oh! I'm glad we didn't get on there because it looked like those new cards were going to need to back off of the ferry when we landed on Fogo Island. Denise was glad to drive straight off the boat, no backing up needed.

The character of the landscape changed quickly as we climbed from the ferry, very different from the forested areas we passed through before. There is water everywhere, irregular-shaped ponds embedded in low green vegetation, exposed rock, and what I guess are glacial erratics. I thought we were going to stop at the B&B before we started exploring, but all of a sudden Denise turned the car around to go back to what looked like an interested camera play spot. We stopped at several places, walking along the road, and sometimes picking a path closer to one of the ponds. So pretty...

It somehow took us just under 2 hours from when we landed on the island to when we walked into Peg's B&B, our home here on Fogo Island.. Denise is definitely happy she decided to spend two nights here!

We walked a bit, then went for an early dinner at Nicole's Cafe in Joe Batt's Arm. What? Oh, that's the name of the town. It's a funny name, isn't it? Denise ordered an appetizer and a salad instead of a regular entree, and that was plenty of food. The appetizer was scallops with some crab and pickled cabbage, and the salad had a base of grilled beets, topped with fresh greens and a tasty vinagrette. Yum...

After dinner the light on the water was wonderful. Denise grabbed her camera and we bounced down the road a bit, stopping to enjoy the scene in front of us. It's a good thing I put her camera bag in the car before we headed to dinner, isn't it?

We have the whole day tomorrow to explore Fogo Island. I have a feeling that our day here is just going to be a start - we're going to need to come back here again.

--- Rover