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Friday, August 26, 2011

Early morning, waiting...

It's early. I'm at the airport, rental car returned, baggage checked, through security. The aircraft I'll be boarding was just towed up to the gate. Hmm... I'm here, the plane is here, still waiting.

I listened to the airlines "be at the airport 2 hours in advance of your flight" warning on the St. John's Airport web site. As it turned out it wasn't necessary, but it was safe. I asked the airline representative when I checked my bags and was told that because it's an international flight (and probably at least partially because I'm flying into the United States) check in is closed an hour prior to the flight. There also wasn't an obvious way to return a rental car here short of waiting in line.

I'm really not ready to go home but I have to admit that I'm happier to be flying today than over the weekend when Hurricane Irene could cancel or delay flights. I've been watching the predicted path of the storm on the National Weather Service site since I heard about its birth. Funny, the last time I was in Newfoundland I had an extra day here because of an impending hurricane. I think it had turned into a tropical storm by the time it reached here, still strong enough for all ferries off of this island to be cancelled for 2 hours.

Today's activity? Wait, fly, wait, fly, home.