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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wall art

I had the happy task this morning of finding wall space for MetalPrints of several of my photos. I prefer walls with empty spaces along with the photos, so it was a bit of a puzzle. It's solved now, and 3 new images have jumped onto my walls.

Oh, you want to know what I've added?

This photo is sized at 12x18, and it's in the room where my computer lives (and I do too!):

fallen leaves, trees, reflections, Acadia

The two flower shots below are 8x12s, stacked in a vertical line with the sea gull photo that was done as a ThinWrap at the beginning of December. I've included the sea gull here again so you can get an idea of how they look on the wall. Interestingly enough, the shine of the MetalPrints works just fine with the more muted satin surface of the ThinWrap:

Sea gull walking, icy reflections

cone flower

pink tulips