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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morning food

Morning, sky lightening...

I was up & ready to head out earlier than my B&B breakfast time. There is a farmer's market in Volcano every Sunday morning, and that seemed like a good way to start my day. Ah, that's what I need - bananas and tangerines! That should make a good supplement to my energy bar stash.

Next stop, breakfast.

Based on a conversation I had with Gary yesterday, I believe the breakfast menu is the same each day. Today's breakfast included some favorite foods, and it left me with more than enough energy to play. Breakfast started with a half of a papaya topped with bananas, pineapple, blueberries and yogurt. What a nice combination of tastes!

Next, fresh waffles, as many as I cared to eat. A bowl of strawberries was available as a topping, and both maple and coconut syrup were on the table.

There were hard-boiled eggs and cheese, English muffins, bagels. No one touched the English muffins and bagels; we all were happy with just the waffles!

And I can't forget the ever-present (local) Kona coffee! Yes, I know, I'm usually a tea drinker. And when I drink coffee it's usually decaf. Not in Hawaii though - my morning beverage of choice (here) is Kona coffee.

A good food start to the day...

Hey! Rover here! I just have to jump in to share some photos from our home away from home!

We're on the top floor of a three-story building, one room (well, one unit really) per floor, surrounded by the oh so green vegetation of the rain forest.

rain forest plants around B&B, Volcano, Hawaii

a view of the Volcano Tree House, Volcano, Hawaii

rain forest plants as viewed from B&B balcony, Volcano, Hawaii