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Friday, January 29, 2010

Breakfast conversations

A good first morning's breakfast...

I felt surprisingly awake this morning. I managed to get a couple of catnaps on the last flight yesterday, and somehow I still got a good night's sleep.

I was the only person at breakfast this morning. There were only 2 rooms in use last night, and the other folks headed out very early. Breakfast was wonderful - gingered pancakes topped with peaches, passion fruit, and whipped cream, wonderful. And although when I drink coffee it's ususally decaf, I opted for real Kona coffee this morning. I have a feeling this is going to be a morning coffee week.

Once he served breakfast, Greg grabbed a cup of coffeee and sat down to chat. Good breakfast, good conversation, a good first B&B night for this adventure...

Oh! I need to jump in here with some photos. Denise was right last night with her guess that we would have a good view from bed. I thought you'd like to see, so here are two photos that she grabbed this morning.
--- Rover

view from bed, the ocean!

Rover peering out the window