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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A three airplane day

Early morning, time for the first step, flying. Plane 1 of 3 for the day...

The trip to the airport was remarkably fast. It was early in Boston's rush hour with a good number of cars on the road. No slowdowns meant the trip to Logan took only thirty minutes. That's pretty amazing.

Baggage checked, no lines at security, a smooth transition to the world of travel.

The gate waiting areas were busy, packed with people. I walked a bit, from one end of the gate area to the other. A morning cup of Starbucks, a place to sit. In a wide hallway between gate areas there was a row of wooden rocking chairs in front of floor to ceiling windows. Ah, a good place to relax before my flight.

First plane off the ground, heading over the Boston Harbor Islands. A lighthouse was visible, islands, ocean. Hmm... I thought I was heading west! Not to worry, it was just a short jaunt over water before we headed towards Dallas.

A strong headwind pushed against us, forcing the flight to be a bit longer than scheduled. Luckily our landing gate was changed; instead of needed to walk the full length of two semi-circles, my inbound flight was just a few gates away from my plane to LA.

A two and a half hour layover at LAX gave me a time to grab some food and to relax. The American Airlines terminal here at LAX is a bit iffy from the food standpoint for those of us who aren't meat eaters, but I did find some more than satisfactory food. A bakery cafe had some interesting sandwiches - roasted eggplant and peppers on very tasty ciabata made me happy. But oh! I think I have time to find a brownie or cookie before I head for the next airplane.

One more plane, a long (five and a half hour) flight over water.
Destination: Hawaii.

rocking chairs at Logan Airport, calm