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Friday, January 01, 2010

An ocean afternoon

With a weather forecast calling for the upcoming weekend to be full of snow, today seemed like a good (quiet weather) day for a walk by the ocean. The New Hampshire coast was calling to me once again.

There were signs warning of coastal flooding. I drove to one of my (walk along the shore) starting spots, Jenness State Beach, where I found that the ocean was encroaching on the beach leaving just a thin edge of sand for walking. Hmmm... I think I'll try a different beach today!

I jumped back into my car heading to the south and west. I just had to stop for a quick photo in a parking lot behind a restaurant across the road from the beach. The wetlands were overflowing. There were pieces of boats decorating the restaurant's property. The two below? They were on the edge of the parking lot, a place that is normally devoid of water. It looks like they are floating (or sinking) doesn't it?

a false beach

I headed to Hampton Beach, a long stretch of beach that is also very wide. There was plenty of sand for walking, decorated by a bit of snow. I even had the treat of watching two people exercising a very pretty horse. He was on a lead running with his person, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in circles.

It was a day for walking, for listening to the quiet roar of the ocean.

snow-covered rocks along the New Hampshire coast

New Hampshire coast, snow