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Friday, March 07, 2008

Trees are for birds

I arrived home after work and made my usual stop to pick up my mail. As I opened my mailbox, I heard a chorus of birds. I glanced up, seeking the source of the song. I found a whole tree that was teeming with birds, birds sitting on branches, birds chatting, birds singing.

In the hopes of catching a picture I ran into the house and came back with my camera. Funny, I was no where near my chirping friends, but they must have sensed my intention. Yes, they did fly away before I was close enough to attempt to catch an image with my camera.

I did see one interesting thing as I walked back from my non-photo excursion, a bird's nest hanging in a willow tree. It wasn't sitting on a branch, it was hanging from the drooping tendrils of the tree. A truly amazing structure...