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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photos to computer...

...faster, faster!

You would think a card reader (to read a camera's media) is just a card reader, wouldn't you? I had been using a reader I picked up years and years ago. It worked, worked well in fact, but copying from my compact flash cards to my computer was pretty slow. A couple of weeks ago I started looking around. And guess what? I think I found a better mousetrap!

I picked up a SanDisk Extreme USB 2.0 Card Reader. The manufacturer claimed that it was a high performance reader, but that's what they always say. My camera is always busy taking photos, and while the photos from a day's wandering aren't too bad to upload, the amount of time it takes is (obviously) extended when my camera accompanies me on a wandering for days vacation. I convinced myself it was worth spending $20 on a chance that I really would get faster transfer rates to my computer.

My new card reader really is faster. A happy photographer with an inexpensive new tool...

In case you want to see the product, here's a link to it on the B&H website.