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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Around the corner

Watermarks anyone? I've been thinking about adding a watermark to my photo galleries for a while now, but I have to admit I've been fighting it. My images are protected against right-click saves within the context of my photo galleries, but the fact remains that anyone can use a screen capture tool to lift anything from a web page. The problem is, real protection only comes if the watermark runs across the photo. And I would prefer not to take away from the online viewing experience with a repeating "across the photo" watermark. I understand the use of watermarks that are splashed across the full image, but I can't do that to my own photos right now.

I've finally moved from thinking about watermarks to actually placing one along the edge of my images. I believe the placement will not take away from the enjoyment of my photos. At least I hope that's true. You'll let me know if it gets in the way, won't you? And yes, I do know that a determined individual could remove it by cropping a stolen image. I also know that my originals are not accessible.

Curious about what I did? Here's a snip from the corner of an image showing my new watermark:

Keep in mind that this is a snip of just the corner of the photo. The watermark isn't really that large. In fact, here's the full photo:

No worries, if you decide to purchase a copy of one of my photos, the watermark is only on the images as displayed on the web. It will not be on the actual photograph.