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Saturday, March 01, 2008

SnowWoman of note

A photo jumped off of the pages of the newspaper this morning. I'd love to show it to you here, but since it's not my photo you'll have to be satisfied with a link. A giant snowwoman (temporarily) lives in Bethel, Maine, topping out at 122 feet and one inch. She has trees for arms, buttons made out of tires, and oh! what wonderful eyelashes!

She is named after Maine's Senator Olympia Snowe.

Olympia SnowWoman was photographed by Pat Wellenbach of the Associated Press. Click to see this fabulous snowwoman!

Curious? Want even more details? It turns out the SnowWoman has her own blog with statistics and lots and lots of photos. Olympia's blog is at

Would you believe that Olympia weighs 13,000,000 pounds? That a lot of snow!