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Thursday, March 20, 2008


On the verge of spring... Today is the vernal equinox, a day and night of almost equal lengths, the official entry to spring (although the season here in New England easily lags the equinox by several weeks).

The daylight is heading in the right direction, giving me enough time to grab a quick ride after work. It will be a while yet before I have enough daylight on both ends of the day to support a bicycle commute to work, but I think that while can be looked at in terms of weeks.

It was a day of wind, howling wind to welcome the season. Listen...

Late day, I was fascinated by the paintings in the sky. Clouds covered most of the sky, gray, not a hint of blue. And then, the wind started pushing the clouds. Hints of blue peeked through the gray. Ah, look - there are puffy white clouds against bright blue. Just a few minutes passed, and the clouds gathered once more, highlighted by the sun as it dropped lower and lower in the sky.

Sky wonders, a progression...