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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Seed pod wonder

Changing skies... I headed out to walk in the afternoon in cool temperatures under a very cloudy sky. By the time my feet brought me back to my door, the sun was shining, and I was warm. Hmmm... my bike was calling for a ride, so I headed out once more. Ah, riding felt wonderful!

I was very lucky. The sun was shining as I started my ride, but the sky started getting darker. And darker still. Just before I got home, drops of water started falling. Drops, sprinkles, not a hard rain. A few minutes later the sun reappeared.

My camera came with me as I walked, and it insisted that I switch lenses after I finished my ride. I didn't expect to see these wonderful seed pods as the season edges from winter into spring, but they were there, calling out to me. I just had to try to capture some macro images.

I'm always amazed at how beautiful a flower is when it is in a "gone to seed" state.