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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Wind, waves, CRASH!

Walking along the New Hampshire coast... Waves crashing, receding... Wind...

What's that sound? Although there are stretches of sand beach along the New Hampshire coast, I was walking next to a beach composed of rounded stones. The sound that was decorating the air was created by the stones rolling against each other as the water pulled away from the shore. Then - crash! Another set of waves started the cycle once more.

Wind, powerful, pushing... It was a beautiful day for walking, but there was an added challenge beyond moving forward step by step. A strong wind - probably the reason that the morning gray skies gave way to blue - was focused on pushing all objects in its path, including me. Walking in a straight line definitely required focus.

Ah, but the day provided truly beautiful sights!

Crashing waves, seagull standing, watching, and surprisingly not getting hit by the wild water.

Sun sinking, just beginning to tint the horizon and the water in shades of pink.

A few more pictures from today's wandering can be found starting on page 9 of my photo gallery Glimpses of water - coastal New Hampshire, 2006.

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