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Saturday, December 30, 2006

A taste of winter

Today the Weather Wizard brought a gift of snow. I really can't complain though; the start of winter has been very mild.

The snow started earlier than predicted, with white in the air beginning at about 11 AM. It started just as I was about to roll out on my bike, and I quickly rethought my day's activity. At first I thought I'd get in a short ride anyway, but I'm glad I didn't stop with that first thought. When I headed out walking a little while later, there was already a crunch of white beneath my feet. As I walked, the white layer continued to grow.

A good day for walking...

Some days are cloudy but are still light. Today? Daylight seemed dark, and as I walked by this tree snowflakes decorated the air.

I started walking soon after the snow started flying. The pavement and sidewalks gathered snow, and plants along the way provided a canvas for snowflakes.

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