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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gmail, funny

Sometimes things jump off the the screen at me, and sometimes they don't.

I use Gmail as an alternative email address. Yes, there is somewhat of a method to my email madness; emails from people (as opposed to companies or subscriptions) are directed to my primary email address, and other emails go to Gmail.

I recently noticed that Gmail has been placing a one-line entry at the top of the mail box. The entries are tagged as Sponsored Link, Web Clip, or Gmail Tip. They kind of fade into the background, probably because once my eye was used to the presence of these one-liners they just didn't get in the way. My eye focused on the list of items in the various mail boxes instead of getting distracted by the extra message.

Periodically I take a look at the emails classified as Spam to make sure that what I consider to be valid emails don't inadvertantly get dumped into that mailbox. For some reason my eye was drawn to the one-line entry at the top of the Spam mailbox. How fitting - the entries are links to Spam Recipes. Yuck! But funny too...

Sometimes I'm amazed at what people will eat. But I suppose that the Spam-eaters of the world are probably pretty amazed at the tofu part of my own diet.

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