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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Weather wizard sliding softly...

...heading in the direction of winter

We seem to be edging towards colder temperatures, sliding into the prediction of white falling from the sky early next week.

It was warm yesterday, but a little bit of cold snuck in to prepare me for today. It was 63 degrees out when I left work, and although rain was in the forecast, the air was still dry. Even though I had planned to go to the gym, I decided to take advantage of the warmth and head home for a good walk. That almost blew up in my face; it was 49 degrees by the time I got home, and as I headed out of the door mist was hovering.

Luck... the conditions held until after I finished my walk. Home again, relaxing. What is that loud sound? Downpour! Driving rain pelting the building. And funny, with that rain came a return to a warm temperature. When I walked outside after the rain eased, it was warm and humid with the temperature in the mid-60s.

Weather wizard changing conditions yet again... I woke up this morning to the sound of wind. Wind gusting, howling. It was another gift of noise - paired with the gift of cooler temperatures to test my "dress for riding in cold weather" skills. It was 45 degrees out when I rolled away from home, with the wind at a steady 13 miles per hour gusting to 26, and a wind chill of 39 degrees.

Riding loops on a windy day... From a strong headwind, pedaling against the wind, to getting a push from that same wind - a tailwind wonder - to holding a line while the wind was pushing from the side. It was a challenge at times, but it was also an enjoyable ride under a clear blue sky.

Sunshine means shadows rolling down the road

Blue sky as a background for a "ready for winter" tree

A fresh green carpet; the new grass doesn't seem to know the season is about to jump into winter.

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