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Monday, December 11, 2006

Lazy, hazy, gray, wet, relaxing

Today's escape from work turned into a day of quiet relaxation. I had planned - well, hoped - to get in a decent length ride, but by 9 o'clock the gray sky had started to sputter with water. My bicycles held a conference and decided that today would be a day without riding. Light rain with temperatures in the high 30s didn't sound like a pleasant riding environment to me either, so relaxing with a book was in order for the morning.

Oh, you're curious about what I'm reading? I just started Ed Viesturs' No Shortcuts to the Top. No worries though - I'm not taking up mountain climbing. Reading about other cyclist's journeys often makes me want to head out on my own journey, but the act of reading about mountaineering is enough to satisfy my curiosity.
The rain stopped by late morning, but the sky remained gray and the pavement stayed wet. A long walk with my camera met my daily need for movement.

The prize of a quiet day, a quiet mind, relaxation...

Isn't she cute? This pup owns a small store in Andover (OK, you're right - her owner probably owns the store!) and can often be seen watching the foot traffic wandering by her window.

An interesting planter...

Late in the day the gray sky finally gave way to a white clouds against a blue background. A beautiful sky painting signaled the end of the day.

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