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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Windy warmth

Ah, a day with temperatures creeping into the 70s... The warmth has been edging in all week, and today was a real winner.

My camera accompanied me on an after-lunch walk, really a hunt for wandering pairs of Canada Geese. And I continued my stream of bike-riding days with a good after-work ride. It was still above 70 degrees when I left the house at 5 o'clock, supporting an early season ride wearing shorts and a short-sleeved jersey - no knee-warmers or jacket needed. What a pleasure!

It was my fourth day of riding in a row. That's normal for me in the summer, but as I'm working back toward my in-season (per week) mileage, it feels like a lot. The weather forecast tomorrow calls for rain; maybe that's a good thing because it will give me a day off from riding. But then again, if it's not wet out, I wonder if I will manage to have a non-riding day.

Exchanging stares with a Canada Goose...

Still more purple, beautiful crocus

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