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Friday, April 07, 2006

Vacation dreaming

Ah, coming into spring weather here at home, it's my normal time to dream of vacations. I think I've settled on the time I'd like to wander, but not the place.

The time? I'm thinking about a long weekend in June to head back to Downeast Maine to commune with the puffins once again (I hope! since that is very much dependent on weather & sea conditions on the day). And then a longer vacation, probably for two weeks in September. That allows me to wander after all (or should I say most) families and students are back in school mode, leaving it easier for me to wander without reservations.

It's the 'where' of my September trip that leads me to dream... I was flipping back and forth between eastern Quebec and southwest Ireland. But then the idea of going somewhere in Europe came up, and for some reason Denmark sounded interesting. (You're right, there is no logic at all involved in these travel ideas...). I haven't made a decision, just toying with the idea - but something else interesting popped up related to the flight. There are no direct flights between Boston and Copenhagen. There are options to connect in the states in Washington or Newark, or there are a number of options for flight connections in Europe. But then, one of the flight options just jumped off of the screen at me. If I take Icelandair I can connect in Reykjavik. And I've wanted to go to Iceland for what seems like forever. I checked, and if I stop in Iceland for several days on my return to do a little wandering, the airfare is the same as a simple round-trip. Uh oh. Right now, that option sounds really appealing.

No decisions yet, other than my preferred timeframe of September - along with three different options of where to go. Hmmm...

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