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Sunday, April 16, 2006

More wind!

...I think it must still be March. Isn't that supposed to be the windy month?

Of the two weekend days, yesterday was the prize from a weather standpoint. It was in the upper 60s when my bike and I hit the road, and in the 70s on our return. Because I had plans for late in the afternoon (yes, a haircut!), I had planned for a shorter ride on Saturday and a longer ride on Sunday.

It's been pretty cool in the morning, cool enough to wait for a little warmth from the sun later in the day. Looking back, what I should have done yesterday was start riding earlier in the day instead of waiting for the temperature to rise. The warmth felt good though, and my 31 mile ride was a pleasure.

Today was not only a good 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, the cool temperature was accompanied by 20 mile an hour winds, with gusts close to 30. I had planned a ride of about 45 miles for today, but my planned route was a big square and I was afraid that I would be facing that wind as I was heading home. I changed my plans and headed out on a series of loops a little closer to home. My ride was shorter than planned, finishing at 34 miles. Yes, I could have stayed out longer, but I have to admit that I was tired of fighting the wind! Of course it was a pleasure to pedal with the wind at my back, but both the headwinds and sidewinds were brutal.

I had my camera with me today, but the budding trees were impossible to capture. The pictures in my mind were of the early leaves of the willow trees, along with the soft image of reds and greens as more of the trees are showing flowers and buds.

I'm absolutely amazed that this picture isn't totally blurry - it's hard to take pictures of flowers in the wind!

This horse decided to saunter over to visit with me. I suppose he was wondering what that 2-legged 2-wheeled creature was!

Ah, now i see - it's a woman with a bicycle!

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