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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Riding, stopping...

My after-work focus this week has been to get some miles under my bicycle wheels - driven at least partially by the assumption that Sunday will not be a good riding day. (When the weather report calls for an 80% chance of rain I tend to believe it!)

Today's ride was a few miles shorter than yesterday's (27 miles today as opposed to 30, still a good after work effort!) in the same amount of time because somehow my camera decided to join me and my bike. A pleasant early evening interlude...

I love these flowering trees - and I find the contrast of the blooms against a clear blue sky amazing

Playing with the macro capabilities of my baby camera (a Canon S400)... I can get good shots, but I have to say they are less consistently good than those shot with the Digital Rebel XT with the macro lens. I certainly can't complain about this one though!

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