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Sunday, April 02, 2006

March winds spill into April

It was a windy March day today - from my morning flight from Philadelphia to Manchester to my afternoon ride wandering around my corner of New England. Oh, but the calendar has flipped to April!

My early morning flight was a little earlier than planned - I managed to forget about the switch to Daylight Savings Time last night when I made my reservation, so according to my body clock my 7AM flight was pretty early! Apparently other people didn't forget; the plane was unbelieveably empty, 15 passengers on a 737!

It's funny, when I thanked airline personnel for not canceling the flight, they just smiled and said "we don't cancel flights due to lack of passengers". I'm sure that they needed the plane in Manchester, and I suspect it would have flown empty if necessary. Because everyone was at the gate and the plane was fully boarded early, the plane pushed back 10 minutes early and we actually landed in Manchester 25 minutes early. Not a bad start to my Sunday...

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, with very acceptable playing outside temperatures in the mid- to high 50s - but with what felt like pretty ferocious winds. One of my bikes and I managed a very pleasant Sunday afternoon ride. I called it quits at 35 miles when I decided I was finished fighting with the wind.

Happily heading down the road

Spring flowers are definitely making their presence known. Many more crocus have cropped up since last week, and I saw daffodils adding sunshine too.