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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two wheels rolling over 1000...

...biking miles, that is!

Ah, my wheels (oh, and I did too!) rolled over the first 1000 miles of the season today. For some reason that first thousand seems harder to reach than the subsequent ones. I suspect it's because the early months of the year are not the best for wandering (safely) on two wheels. I looked back at my exercise logs for the past several years, and found that this is the earliest I've completed the first 1000 miles since 2002. I honestly believe the timing is related to weather. This year, January allowed me to fit in some weekend rides, February was pretty much a lost cause from a biking standpoint, but starting in March I was able to really get back on my bike. Nice. Now I just have to hope that the weather turns to true spring soon. My next milestone is my first bicycle commute to work of the season. There is already sufficient daylight; I'm just waiting for reasonable morning temperatures and the lack of rain.

Yesterday's beautiful blue skies spilled over onto today, and the temperature inched up into the mid-60s. It was a beautiful day for riding, in spite of the still constant presence of the wind.

Yes, you're right - my bike and I were joined by a camera as we rolled over that 1000 mile mark today.

Hey, look! It's a belted Galloway, and not too far from (my) home. I have to admit that I've never seen animals on this farm before. Today there were several cows happily feeding and occasionally letting out a bellow.