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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Brrr.... (yet again!)

The weekend days dawned with clear blue skies, but the wind that started on Friday decided to hang around for a while - along with cold temperatures. Brrr!

Yesterday was a walking day; I couldn't convince myself that there was any way I could stay warm on my bike. I know that I was right given that I only managed to walk for 45 minutes. That's a short time for me for a weekend walk. With the combination of temperatures in the high 20s plus a significant wind - well, I had to cut my outdoor walk short before I ended up with frozen fingers!

Today dawned still cold, and while the wind was constant, it was much quieter than yesterday. So yes, one of my purple bikes insisted on joining me for a ride. In keeping with the temperature, it was a short ride - only 15 miles. I did a couple of very small loops so that I was never more than 3 or 4 miles from home. Better to ride a somewhat boring loop than to head further from home and run the risk of getting chilled and having a long ride to get back to a warm shower. I have to admit that it crossed my mind that getting a flat today would have been a really really bad thing. I don't think my hands would have been too happy changing a tire in that cold!

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