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Monday, February 27, 2006

Layers and layers and...

...layers and layers!

Brrr! Another cold evening... My intent was to head to the gym after work, but I just couldn't face exercising inside. Somehow a brisk walk on a very cold evening seemed more appealing. It was just 20 degrees out which in the overall scheme of things isn't that cold. But add the light wind, and the level of cold definitely increased. The good news is that it is late enough in the winter that I really have figured out the right layers to help me stay reasonably warm.

As I was briskly heading towards home - walking on the side of the road to take advantage of the less icy and smoother pavement (than the sidewalk) - I met a woman with a very attentive Scottie. The Scottie, in her nice red coat, came over to check me out. Her owner said she (the dog, that is) was fascinated – no, mesmerized by my flashing blue lights.

I believe that this may be a case where the dog has more sense than humans. I'm still amazed that most of the people I see outside walking and running in the dark are wearing nothing to make them more visible. In fact, I've seen people at night wearing dark clothing (without even reflective patches) who are happily running in the road.

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