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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cold, sunshine to snow, walking days...

This weekend's forecast made me think that the weather wizard is playing payback games - payback for a mild January, that is. Saturday was cold but beautiful. I chose to take a break from cycling, even though I knew riding a bike wouldn't come even close to being an option today. No regrets though; I had a good wander in Saturday morning's very cold sunshine.

My bikes didn't even enter my mind this morning as I dressed in many layers for a morning walk in the snow. I substituted hiking shoes for my normal running shoes figuring that the heavier soles would make for safer transport through the plowed but still slippery streets. I think I managed to get out during a lull in the snow. Although it was snowing the whole time I was out - and my hat was definitely covered when I walked back into the house - everything was pretty visible out there.

Right now? There seems to be a wall of white outside of my window.

The patterns in the ice were fascinating

Clear ice on top of a small moving stream

Beautiful blue sky under sunshine, and dry ground for a little longer...

And what a difference a day makes! (Or maybe I should say a night...)

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