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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Snow-woman, walking

Snow-woman? That was definitely me...

The morning dawned cold and sunny, but the blue early morning sky turned to gray very quickly. I considered a quick jaunt on my bike before the predicted mid-day start of the snow, but the cold, cold temperature along with a brisk wind convinced me that walking was a better choice. Of course, I headed out of the door at just the right time to ensure that my entire fast walk would be in the snow.

I had to laugh when I looked at myself in the mirror right after I walked back into my warm home. Yes, I should have taken a picture; but I didn't! My hat was caked with snow, and my very red (and cold) face included droplets of water beading under my eyes and on my cheeks. It really was a good walking day though.

Ah, a picture of a dry me, before my walk in the storm. This is part of my ongoing attempts to capture the healing progress from my May 2004 impact with the pavement. What are probably permanent marks on my face are still there, but somehow it does appear that the amount of red is fading. And yes, I do wish that I had grabbed my camera when I returned from my walk instead of before my walk!

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