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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Breezy? blustery?

Aren't they the same thing? Our nice warm week is supposed to be replaced with much colder weather for the weekend. (That figures, doesn't it?) And I find the use of words in the weather forecast fascinating. Right now, the National Weather Service is stating that Saturday will be breezy, and Sunday will be blustery.

I think it's time to consult the dictionary...

breezy: swept by breezes.
breezes: a) a light gentle wind b) a wind of from 4 to 31 miles (6 to 50 kilometers) an hour
blustery: a violent boisterous blowing
...definitions courtesy of Merriam-Webster Online
Isn't the English language interesting? It seems to me that both days could be classified using the same word, since the description of the (rest of the) forecast for both Saturday and Sunday seems to be almost identical.

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