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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A walking start the new year

My bikes took one look outside and decided they didn't want to play today, too cold, and too wet! (Yes, I know, bikes really don't talk. But if they did, I'm sure that they would have requested a ride in a warm, dry place!)

In spite of a temperature in the low 20s, the roads were wet. Ah, a good day for walking... I thought about driving to the coast, and I thought about driving in to Boston to see the ice sculptures from First Night, but sticking around home just felt like the right decision today. While I would have liked to get out on my bike, walking at a good clip (with occasional stops to take pictures) felt pretty good. And so did lazing at home with a good book! A good, quiet, relaxing day as a start to the new year...

There really isn't that much snow out here, but it appears impressive lining the sides of this meandering stream.

Can you see the sun trying to pop out from behind all of those gray clouds?

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