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Monday, January 16, 2006

First attempts

Having a new camera means I need to start playing. I would have started on Sunday, but an outside temperature in the low teens with lots of icy surfaces made me wait. All I could imagine was me falling on top of my new toy; that would not have been a happy sight! It was very cold today too, but I managed a short walk (with camera, of course) in the middle of the day. Did you know that crouching down on snow-covered grass to get interesting photos is probably not a great idea considering how easy it is to fall over backwards? No, I didn't fall, but there was a minute there when I was sure I was going to end up on the ground!

I stashed the two photos in this entry in the same smugmug gallery with the pictures taken with my baby Canon S400, and was immediately struck by a slight size difference. I had to look for information on aspect ratio, and found that while most digital cameras use an aspect ration of 4:3, digital SLRs match 35mm cameras with an aspect ratio of 3:2. Very interesting.

More experimentation and more pictures? I suspect that will need to wait for the weekend.

Not bad for an early attempt at using my new toy in very cold and slippery conditions! I didn't have the hood on the lens that is supposed to protect against light reflections - but hey, I like this shot anyway.

These pictures were taken with the zoom lens. It will be interesting to play with the macro lens for close-up shots.

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