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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Is it really January?

Don't get me wrong - my question about January is absolutely not a complaint! We just had two fabulous days that I would classify more as spring than winter.

I needed to work at home yesterday since the town I live in is in the process of switching all of the water meters to devices that can be read by just driving by. My appointment was set for between 10 and noon, and I was hoping to sneak a little time in the early afternoon to ride. My water meter was replaced at 9AM - so much for appointment times - which was great, since that meant the rest of the day was mine. Yes, you're right - it was mine and my employers since it was a regular work day. I worked from 7 to 2, then took the time to wander on my bike. Ah, a 26 mile ride, on a sunny day with temperatures in the high 50s. Perfect. And since I put in the better part of my work day before I headed out, I only needed a couple more hours to work. When you remove the commuting part of my day, I was able to finish up by the time I normally get home, and I still had a wonderful wander on two wheels.

Today was a little cooler - 48 degrees when I started my ride, and 55 when I arrived home with 42 miles under my wheels. The wind was a bit challenging, and of course it was in my face on the way home. It was still a glorious ride, made even better by the fact that it was a Saturday in January. I know that these two days were a gift, and that winter is on its way back. I've learned to take advantage of these out-of-season conditions whenever they occur. How sweet!

I looked back over my exercise logs for the past few years, because I really don't remember getting this kind of mileage in a 'normal' January. My memory was right. The last January that I managed to get in more than 2 short rides was in 2002. It strong been a while. And I'm enjoying every minute of our odd-weather January!