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Friday, January 06, 2006

Cereal pricing...

...brings a smile to my face!

Ah, the ongoing saga of grocery store pricing... One of my breakfast staples is Kashi Go Lean cereal. I learned a long time ago that it is cheaper to purchase at Whole Foods than it is at my local grocery store. At Whole Foods the normal price is $2.50 a box, and at the 'regular' grocery store it goes for $3.49 a box. That's always been a puzzle to me, because that's not normally the way the pricing goes. That's not a complaint, just a statement. And once I noticed that price difference I made sure to purchase that cereal at Whole Foods. Makes sense, right? (Oh, you think I'm being cheap? Nope, just sensible - those dollars add up!)

The story continues though. I was in my local Shaws today, and there was a special on Kashi Go Lean ceraal - buy one, get one free. Now that's a good deal! Did I need it? Considering I had 2 boxes at home, I didn't. But you know, if I buy it now, I won't need more for weeks! OK, I give in, I just can't pass up the price of $1.75 a box. Two boxes promptly jumped into my shopping cart and came home with me.

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