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Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 dreaming...

A new year, new dreams...

Maybe I should say it's time for a continuation of old dreams. 2005 was my year for proving to myself that I was back in what I consider my normal condition in terms of fitness, particularly related to cycling. I met that goal with 4101 miles under my wheels, and two successful bike trips. I managed to not use the (still unused) travel plans that I made for 2004, so trips to Nova Scotia and to the Canadian Rockies are still real possibilities for this year. Another is a return to Ireland, maybe somewhere along the southwest coast.

But - just as I said last January 1st, I know that our cold and sometimes snowy winter months are great times to dream of where I want to travel this year. I wonder where my bike and I will be off to in 2006.

It's time to dream...

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