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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Bailey is the dachshund who runs my parent's home. He's really a funny dog, and I'm sure he really believes that he is in charge.

Last week, our dad was out of town for two days (and one night). Apparently Bailey looked for him that night. When Dad checked in the afternoon of the next day - by phone, of course - he asked to talk to Maurice! Yes, the crazy dachshund's name is Bailey, but he apparently answers to Maurice! too. Anyway, our mom put the phone down, and so Bailey could hear Dad yelling to Maurice! And the poor dog. He recognized the voice, jumped up on the chair to see if he could watch his dad walk across the porch, and then went to the door to wait for his evening greeting.

Apparently Bailey recovered quickly and went to cuddle with our mom. But I have a feeling that yelling to him over the phone is going to be off-limits in the future!

Can you tell that he is a well-loved animal? I'm really glad he's living with my parents; I think his presence does good things for them.

Bailey - sometimes known as Maurice! - happily sitting with our dad

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