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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dusk into darkness...

...a bright moon in a clear sky, dry pavement, feet that insist on walking...

Today was supposed to be a gym day, but I had to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and get in a good walk this evening. Dusky light was just starting to edge toward darkness, so I was able to sneak out on roads that I normally reserve for daylight hours. With my attire sparkling with my flashing blue lights facing forward and a flashing red light facing back, I figured I was visible enough as I hurried down a heavily traveled road and into a quiet neighborhood. I find it so much easier to exercise outside than in the gym; it's so nice to have this warmth in January. No, it's not warm, warm yet - but it sounds like that is yet to come. Today the temperature was in the 40s, probably edging back into the 30s as I was out walking. That's a big improvement from where we've been though.

And the forecast? Right now there's a prediction of temperatures in the mid-50s on Friday. If that holds true, I may have a date with a bicycle... I worked on January 2nd, and right now my plans are to take my comp day on a good weather day. Maybe Friday, but only time will tell.

It sounds like we're going to pay for this wonderful lull in normal winter temperatures though. The forecast goes from sunny with temperatures in the mid-50s for Friday, to a rainy and cold Saturday, to the possibility of snow on Sunday. Hmmm... is that three seasons in three days?

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