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Sunday, January 11, 2015

no robocalls

Both my home phone and cell phone are on the National Do Not Call Registry but there are still some calls that get through. Reporting the problem callers is something that I try to do, even if the only information I have is the problem phone number. I'm not sure how helpful that is.

I was delighted to read the article Free service helps block out hated robocalls in today's Boston Globe. As soon as I finished reading I ran to my computer to pull up the Nomorobo site. The service is available for Verizon FIOS Digital Voice; I immediately signed up and verified that the service is now active on my phone. Now I just need to wait and see if it works... my fingers are crossed!

The service isn't currently available on Verizon Wireless. Almost all of these annoying calls have been coming in on my FIOS line so I suspect the service I currently have activated will stop most (if not all) of these calls. I plan to keep an eye out for availability on Verizon Wireless as well, maybe someday it will be available.

Update on 22 February:
Since I signed up for this service I've been able to watch as robocalls are picked up automatically. Sometimes I'll be sitting next to a phone that displays the incoming phone number. When I see a number I don't recognize I wait for a second ring. That ring doesn't sound; instead I see the phone as active for a short period of time. The call is intercepted and gone. Awesome!