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Friday, September 06, 2013


Oh! It's so early in the morning that the sky is still dark. We're at the Calgary airport, through US Customs, waiting for our plane.

Denise was happy to see a Starbucks in the gate area - that meant it was possible to have a reasonable breakfast before getting on the plane. What did she choose? Oatmeal! It came with a packet of seeds and nuts and dried fruit, plus some maple sugar. It wasn't as good as the hot cereal Valerie made for breakfast at Canadian Artisans B&B but it was tasty and satisfying.

I think there's some kind of lull between outbound flights. It was really really busy here until just a few minutes ago, then it got quiet. We found a nice comfy chair, a good rest spot for a little bit. If I know Denise we'll be getting up and walking around for a bit before we get on our first flight of the day. This time we're flying to Chicago to get our plane to Boston.

--- Rover