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Monday, September 02, 2013

a quiet day

I loved yesterday but after spending 6+ hours in the car I decided I needed a close-to-home day today so I spent most of the day in or close to Canmore. I briefly considered driving around Spray Lake in Kananaskis Country but somehow driving on a gravel road for at least two hours didn't sound very restful.

My first stop was the Grassi Lakes trail on the edge of the Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park. There are two trails leading to the lakes, one marked easy and one marked more difficult. The more difficult variation was a narrow trail with a view, some steep steps, a few sections that were uncomfortable but hikeable. Yes, I took the more difficult trail on the way uphill and chose the easy trail for the way back. That was the right decision.

There were two shallow (and tiny) lakes that wore beautiful colors that changed with the depth of the water. The photo below was taken looking across the first lake. Seeing the lakes was well worth the hike.

The next portion of the day was a wander on the trails around Canmore, mainly staying as close to the Bow River as possible. There were a lot of folks out today - walking, biking, roller blading, enjoying the sunshine. I shared conversation with some of the people I met along the way. I spent time walking solo too, enjoying the quiet sounds of the birds.

A quick rest stop, time for a yummy berry smoothie to regain energy, and I headed to Vermillion Lakes in Banff. Yes, I stopped there yesterday on my way back from Parker Ridge - but I knew I'd be going back. Today's visit had the added benefit of some clouds in the sky. I much prefer a bit of decoration instead of a plain blue sky. Don't get me wrong - clear skies are good. I just like a bit of variation.

trees lining one of the Grassi Lakes, Canmore, Alberta