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Sunday, September 08, 2013

daylight and time zones

Oh! The sun set last night so much earlier than it did when we were wandering in Canmore, Alberta last week. We had lots of time in the evening to wander the trails along the Bow River and watch the setting sun highlight the mountain tops. I was surprised by the early dark so I asked Denise about it. She told me it's because we live in the east side of the Eastern time zone and Canmore is on the west side of the Mountain time zone. There is probably also a bit of difference in the length of day because of the north to south difference between North Andover, Massachusetts and Canmore, Alberta.

I just checked, sunset yesterday in Canmore was at 8:15 PM, and sunset here in Massachusetts was at 7:10 PM - that's why the difference jumped out at me. Along with getting dark earlier at night it also gets light earlier in the morning here.

Just to show you the difference, when I looked outside at 7:20 yesterday evening it was almost full dark. Denise took the photo below at 7:10 last Wednesday evening and you can still see blue in the sky.

--- Rover
late day light and reflections, Bow River, Canmore
magic evening light over the Bow River
Canmore, Alberta