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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

visiting elk

Valerie asked me if I had heard the elk bugling early this morning. Apparently I was sleeping so soundly that I didn't hear a thing! When I came back from my wanders early this evening she asked if I'd like to walk with her and Bob to try to find some elk. Of course I said yes!

Dinner first... I had picked up some interesting salads at the grocery store, one a 7-grain salad with interesting seasoning, the other a broccoli and sunflower base with shredded cabbage, raisins, onions, a nice taste treat. After my dinner break the three of us walked to the river.

Bob spotted the bull elk first; I don't think I would have seen him without Bob directing my eyes. We watched for a while, listened to two bull elk bugling, then saw a number of females and youngsters. When we first saw them the elk were on an island. Soon after, I heard the sound of splashing water as they waded into the river and then on to land on the same side of the water that we were on. We backed up a bit and watched some more. There was a reasonable distance between humans and elk and there were trees and low brush between us too. What a treat it was to see these beautiful animals!

Instead of turning back at that point we continued to walk, enjoying the light as the setting sun lit up the mountains and created reflections in the river.