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Thursday, September 05, 2013


We went to a different place today. The forecast called for a pretty good chance of rain high in the mountains, and the hikes Denise really wanted to do were a longish drive from Canmore. That would have meant an even longer drive at the end of the day since we needed to be in Calgary tonight.

We headed to the east this morning, moving from the mountains to the rolling prairie. Our destination was east of Calgary, a place called Drumheller. It's the home of the world's largest dinosaur (statue) and the Royal Tyrell Museum, but that's not why we went there. You know Denise, she almost always wants to play outside. We visited the area because Denise wanted to see the badlands and the hoodoos.

Our first stop was Horseshoe Canyon where we enjoyed the view from the top. Next we stopped at the visitor center in Drumheller to find out how to find the hoodoos. We headed down the road but before we got there Denise saw a sign for a suspension bridge. That turned into our next stop. It was very narrow - only two people wide - and it swayed as we walked across it. Oh, and as more people moved across the bridge it swayed even more. Very cool!

We arrived at the hoodoos to find that they were protected by a metal walkway with railings. The lady in the visitor center had mentioned that to Denise, saying that it was done to protect the hoodoos. We walked around the hoodoos, then headed off on a narrow trail leading into the folded looking landscape. Some of the folds kind of reminded me of Death Valley, and the land here looks so different from the mountains. I'm glad Denise decided we needed to see the badlands of Alberta.

I'm not really ready to head home, but that's what we're going to do tomorrow morning. It's time to jump onto airplanes again....

--- Rover

badlands near Drumheller, Alberta