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Sunday, May 05, 2013

wandering, soon...

It's May; that means it's almost time to visit Acadia. Denise usually tries to get there twice a year although I think I might start planting the idea that we could easily wander there more than twice. For now I'm just happy to know that we'll be heading there in just a few days.

This trip will be a little different because (most of) Park Loop Road is still closed. Denise called the park service to make sure it's only the road that is closed. The answer was the one she expected and wanted - the park is definitely open. We'll just need to find some alternate places to park and walk in to the sections of the park that we want to visit if they happen to be along the closed road.

Delayed Openings

March 29, 2013: Operational Change Due to Sequestration - THE PARK LOOP ROAD: The entire Park Loop Road will open on May 17. The 2 mile regular winter driving route, including Thunder Hole and Sand Beach, is open now, via Schooner Head Rd. in Bar Harbor.

From the alerts section of the Acadia National Park web site

Oh, don't tell Denise! I just checked the weather for Bar Harbor and the forecast shows a chance of rain each day that we're there. It's probably a little early to check but you know me, I just had to look! Luckily Denise likes cloudy skies.

I know she is really looking forward to this Acadia wander, and I am too. Soon!

--- Rover
Rover at the Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia National Park
This photo of me is from our visit to Acadia last October.