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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

road update

Oh! Denise and I are about to start our drive to Bar Harbor and I decided to check the Acadia National Park web site once more. I thought we wouldn't be able to drive up Cadillac Mountain, but guess what! The road up the mountain is opening earlier than the full Park Loop Road.

Delayed Openings UPDATE

May 6, 2013: The entire Park Loop Road will open on May 17, but the Cadillac Mt. Summit Road will open on May 11. Enter at Cad. Mt. entrance on Rt. 233. Also, the 2 mile regular winter driving route, including Thunder Hole and Sand Beach, is open.

From the alerts section of the Acadia National Park web site

We'll be in the park the day it opens. I just told Denise and she smiled.

--- Rover