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Thursday, May 09, 2013

back to the island

It was afternoon by the time we popped back onto Mount Desert Island but it wasn't time to stop wandering. Denise parked the car just past the park entrance near the Wild Gardens of Acadia and we walked in. As it turned out the parking lot at the gardens was open - it was just the entrance to Park Loop Road that was blocked.

We walked past a lake and then down a trail leading to the gardens and then to the Jessup Path. I like the Jessup Path - it's a boardwalk through an area that's a combination of wet and trees. It's so beautiful! And the boardwalk means I can bounce along comfortably. Denise was fascinated by the lines the boardwalk made. It looks straight as we looked at the sections where we were walking but there were places where if you looked far ahead you could see little squiggles in the boardwalk. Cool!

While we were in the woods it seemed like the fog was clearing but when we got back to the car it was really foggy again. I thought we were going to head back then but Denise decided to head to the small part of the loop road that was open. She has always been fascinated by the water behind Sand Beach; she thought the foggy conditions this afternoon would make for an interesting view. And oh! she was right!

I told Denise I thought it would be a good idea to grab a couple of photos with her phone so you could see a little of what we saw today. The first shot is a view as we were facing the ocean from Sand Beach. The second is of the water behind Sand Beach - the mountain that stands there is hiding in the fog.

--- Rover
Sand Beach in fog

behind Sand Beach
photos by phone