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Thursday, May 09, 2013

gray skies, fog, Schoodic

I woke up this morning not sure of my wandering spots for the day. The sky was gray as predicted and heavy rain started as I was eating my "Evin special" breakfast. I always know I'll have a good food start to the day when I stay at the Holland Inn!

Given the wet weather I took my time heading out. Evin suggested a visit to Deer Isle, a new spot for me. Her suggestion made sense since it is south and west of here and the rain seemed to be moving to the north. I headed off island planning to turn to the left in Ellsworth. Oops! The right turn leading towards the Schoodic Peninsula grabbed me first. Schoodic is a favorite spot and the chance to see it in possibly foggy conditions pulled me to the northeast.

I drove through a bit of light rain, no downpours. There were places where fog hugged the road and places where it lifted. The temperature hung in the low to mid 50s, very reasonable for walking. I was the only human walking on the rocks at the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula, sharing the space with a few sea gulls. There were the always present pools of water sitting on rocks that were also wearing a gleam of water from the occasional rain and drizzle. Waves crashed against the rocks providing a focus for my eyes and music for my ears.