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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

bending steel

I was delighted to be contacted by George from Chicago Metal Rolled Products as he was preparing to write about the new Memorial Bridge connecting Portsmouth and Kittery. George saw my photos of the bridge and called to ask permission to use several of the photos in his blog entry about the bridge. Why the interest and the blog entry? Chicago Metal Rolled Products curved the steel used to construct the bridge.

We had a discussion about the bridge design and bridges in general. I was happy to chat with someone else who shared my fascination with the structure and the design.

I think you'll find George's blog entry interesting. Click to read The First Gussetless Truss Bridge in the World.

screen shot from

screen shot from
Snipped from the Chicago Metal Rolled Products blog entry

George also gave me a link to what he considers to be one of the best articles on the new bridge, BRIDGE DESIGN: Truss with a twist.